Hub Plaza

The Hub Plaza


Tailor-made in 1999 by the architect Jaspers for British Telecom, this luxury building was acquired by Albert Lago in 2018. Genuinely renovated according to the highest standards, it is now mostly rented by multinationals such as LeasePlan , British Telecom, Mitel, Unisys and EURid.

The Hub Plaza, a design office building

The Hub Plaza is an office building combining technological performance, contemporary design and high-end services.

The venue has been upgraded to allow optimal use of the building and to offer an area where you can organise meetings, exchange with your peers and promote well-being at work.

Performance, design and exchange are they key values to this high-performance and contemporary workspace. Offices, meeting rooms and relaxation areas have been designed to provide a pleasant working environment. Albert Lago personally supervised the project to ensure its proper implementation.

The main entrance is an atrium giving access to restaurants offering healthy food, a Coffee Corner, etc. You will also find shared meeting rooms and showers to maximize the comfort of everybody working in the building.
The floors include efficient and designer offices. Outside of the building, you will find a relaxation area and sunny workspaces.

The location

Located on the outskirts of Brussels, near the airport, The Hub Plaza benefits from a strategic location and makes it the ideal venue for large international companies.
The building is easily accessible by public transport as well as by car and offers 275 parking spaces.

A high-performance building

The Hub Plaza is a high-performance building using cutting-edge technologies to ensure the comfort of its tenants. The offices and other spaces have been fitted with dynamic chilled beams to ensure good air conditioning. The floor is raised to hide the computer cabling and a false ceiling offers LED lighting.

The large windows bring natural light throughout the building. Everything has been thought out down to the smallest detail to offer a unique experience.

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