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The terms and conditions set out below regulate the use of the CONSTRUCTION-IMMO website, which carries the domain name WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE. Access to the CONSTRUCTION-IMMO website is subject to acceptance of these conditions of use.

This website was designed by Globule Bleu and is managed by Globule Bleu with its headquarters in Liège, BE.

By accessing and using the website you accept these conditions without reservation and you commit to respecting them. If one of these conditions of use is not applicable, or contrary to, any legal provisions, this inapplicability will not have any effect on the validity or applicability of the other terms and conditions.

CONSTRUCTION-IMMO reserves the right to modify the terms of these conditions of use, in which case the user is requested to consult these before making further use of the site.

These are the general conditions of use of the CONSTRUCTION-IMMO website and must be supplemented by the general terms of sale / of the company CONSTRUCTION-IMMO, and these conditions remain fully applicable to the legal relationship between CONSTRUCTION-IMMO and the client/user.

Owner of the site

The owner of the Internet site may be identified and contacted on this website. Through it, the owner intends to improve public access to information relating to its initiatives and activities. This information is meant to be up to date and exact. If any inaccuracies are brought to our attention, we will make every effort to make the necessary amendments. The information provided on this website may not, however, create liability for the owner or the service provider, the designer and/or the website administrator.

Limit of liability

The information that is accessible on this website is of a general nature and does not address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity; it is not necessarily exhaustive, complete, precise or up to date. It sometimes refers people to external sites over which the owner has no control and is therefore not liable for. Moreover, the information provided does not constitute a professional opinion (for specific advice you should consult a suitably qualified expert). The information, products and services presented on this website may also contain technical inaccuracies and typographical errors. The owner and designer and/or administrator of the website shall not under any circumstances be held liable for proven or alleged, direct or indirect damages that may result from such errors.

The CONSTRUCTION-IMMO website reserves the right, at any time and for whatever reason, to change or interrupt, temporarily or permanently, access to part of or all of the website and may do this without prior notification. The CONSTRUCTION-IMMO website shall not be held liable for any proven or alleged, direct or indirect damages related to the modification, suspension or interruption of the website.

The owner will make every effort to prevent breakdowns, errors and interruptions due to technical problems. However, some data and information on the site may not have been created or structured in files or formats that are completely error-free. Therefore, the owner cannot guarantee that the service will not be interrupted or otherwise affected by such problems. The owner does not accept any liability with regard to the sort of problem that may result from use of the site or of any other external site to which people are referred. This refers to users and also to any third parties.

This disclaimer of non-liability does not aim to limit the responsibility of the owner in a way that is contrary to the requirements laid down in applicable national laws or to exclude its liability in cases where it may not be considered liable by virtue of these laws.

The owner and the designer and/or administrator of the website shall not under any circumstances be held liable for unlawful activity or for direct, indirect or accidental damages such as loss of business, loss of earnings, loss of opportunity or personnel costs, even if these result from a serious or repeated error on the website (including errors related to its technical operation or its non-availability), computer viruses, IT infractions or piracy, even if the owner and/or designer and/or administrator of the site had been warned of these risks.

Neither the owner nor the designer and/or administrator of the site may be held liable in cases of damages or temporary or permanent disturbance to users’ data or IT equipment while accessing the website, while browsing the pages of the website, or in general during the transfer of the website’s files and computer programs to their receiving device. The owner and designer and/or administrator of the website will not be liable, in particular, in the case of the transfer of a computer virus through this website.

Intellectual property rights

Full or partial reproduction of the content of this website is not permitted, even if the source is credited, without the express permission of the owner. Likewise, reproduction of the structure of the website (layout and presentation format), the use of extracts of text or multimedia information (sound, images, drawings, slogans, logos, graphic elements, etc.), software and all content elements of the website are protected by the intellectual property rights of the owner and any potential partners or of the service provider, designer and/or administrator of the website. Any full or partial reproduction is not permitted. These intellectual property rights relate to, among other things, but are not limited to, author’s rights, related rights, patent rights, rights related to data bases and trademark rights.

It is forbidden to copy, change, design a derivative work, invert the design or the assembly of elements that make up the website, try to find the source code, sell, assign, sub-contract or transfer in any way whatsoever any right related to the service of the website.

You agree to not change the website in any way, notably, but not limited to, the use of modified versions of the site for the purpose of obtaining unauthorized access to the WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website.

It is forbidden to access the website by any other means than via the interface provided by CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.

The applications or CMS created by the service provider have not been sold to the owner of the site. Only a license for use has been granted to it.

Lastly, if other names of products or companies are mentioned on this website, these brands are protected for the benefit of their respective owners. The user is forbidden to change, reproduce, rent, borrow, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on all or part of the elements on the site without the prior written permission of the right holder or of CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.

Any infringement of these intellectual property rights may lead to civil or criminal proceedings.

The service provider and its activities

CONSTRUCTION-IMMO is a Belgian property development company established in 2005 by Albert Lago.

Description of the site

The aim pursued by the WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website is corporate.


The web spaces outside the domains and sub-domains of WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE and, in particular, the web spaces and internet resources to which the user may be referred through hypertext links on the pages of this website, and over which the WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website has no control, are the full responsibility of the owners of these other web spaces. Neither the owner nor the designer and/or administrator of the site will accept any such liability for the content (including advertising, products, services and any other material) available on these referenced external sources or referenced by them. The inclusion of links in pages of the WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website does not imply any endorsement of elements contained in the referenced sites by the owner and the designer and/or administrator of this website. The owner and the designer and/or administrator of the website, therefore, do not accept any liability for the material and any data of whatever nature, contained in or broadcast on these web spaces to which reference is made, and also with regard to processing data of a personal nature that is carried out there. Neither can they be held liable for proven or alleged loss or damages either following or in relation to the use of, or regarding the fact of having trusted, the content, goods or services available on these websites or from external sources.

If, in the context of research done on the WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website, the result indicates pages or forums on sites whose names or content infringe Belgian law, especially considering that the WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website would be unable to control the content of these sites and external sources, you should stop browsing the site in question or otherwise incur the risk of sanctions provided for by Belgian law, or defend your actions if a case is made against you.

Privacy protection

The processing of personal data related to this site is subject to a Belgian law of December 1992 concerning the protection of privacy in relation to the processing of personal data, modified by the Law of 11 December 1998 transposing Directive 95/46/CE of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and the Council on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

The WWW.CONSTRUCTION-IMMO.BE website uses software tools which trace internet addresses of domains from which internet users visit the site and analyze this data for assessment purposes. Nonetheless, the individual user always remains anonymous.

The owner and designer and/or administrator of the website will not reveal any identifiable personal or individual information to any third party without your prior express agreement. This data will not be used for marketing purposes.

Applicable law and jurisdiction clause

Disputes that may arise from the use of this website are governed by Belgian law. Only the courts of Namur are competent to solve any disputes which may arise between the parties in the context of these conditions and the use of this website.

The owner or the designer and/or administrator of the website may, however, renounce this clause attributing jurisdiction and, if they prefer, commence proceedings before the competent jurisdiction by virtue of common law.

The use of this website is not authorized in countries where these terms and conditions, including this paragraph, do not apply.

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